Street Library Liberia expands Child Literacy through Outreach Activities

Youth Crime Watch of Liberia has introduced an innovative approach, enhancing the ACP Street Library program to inspire and promote creativity among children through outdoor fun activities and Games Stations. Street Library Liberia’s Outreach activities regularly happen at Street Library locations and at other community venues. These activities are designed to encourage, promote and draw attention of other children and their parents to the Street Library program in each community. During these activities, sampling reading stations are organized and children rotate from table to table to read and participate in different activities, drawing and creative games.

Outreach activities are also used as an attraction for more beneficiaries and as well increase visibility of the Street Library program. Sports and games exercises incorporates children who are not yet registered, but have seen interest in the Street Library program. Newcomers are mixed with children already attending regular sessions so that they get the feeling of what a Street Library life is all about. Those children who want to sign up for Street Library sessions are registered and encourage to attend according to the schedules they choose. There are also different type of games and sports available during the day and all are welcome to attend and participate.

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