Workshop ASRAD-ACP-Street Libraries festively with the parents of pupils.

Under the initiative of the General Council of NGO ASRAD, in order to promote ” CHILDREN’ READING ” focused on lower ages and school age children, it was considered essential to involve parents to the success of this task “which calls for accession by all and agreement of all” in the social and family environment.

General Council Administration didn’t neglect to choose Council day “Sunday” that gives the deserved rest for the majority of the families, and families could also find a balmy ” breakfast ” that could allow each participant on this early period (from 08h to 11h30) to sit, listen, share and complement the well-founded of the “ACP STREET LIBRARIES” project, to our children and the future, when all the knowledge and expertise can only be materialize by books and complementary functionalities of ACP-SL, and these books will have no meaning if people can’t access them, no time to read them, understand them, share and exchange their knowledge between generations and ages.

The meeting started at 08:00 am with 06 parents, and we found ourselves at 8:45 am with 78 parents and young people between 25 and 61 years for children reading.

Very fruitful exchanges in language: Fulfulde, Hausa, French and Arabic with contributions from AHAMDOU Halidou and Salissou (SL – New Bell), Modibo Wali, Salihou, Sahabo, Barkindo (General Council), Oustaz Awal, Hamadou Ousmanou, Mamoud (primary education) with everybody repeating one after another their joy to see, in this world of technology, “that there are people who think the way to adapt knowledge and expertise (reading and books) and its need in time and space.”

Parents have compromised their total agreements and their encouragement to their children, and others demanding organization of reading sessions and opportunities (active and animated) even for adults to “awaken dormant memories” as they said.

Between, eating and drinking and noisy motorcycles and cars arriving, 78 parents aside curious youth and children, came to witness the support of parents to this long-awaited project that “Fraunhofer initiative by obtaining respective financing of European Union / ACP Secretariat” had the inspiration to promote to future and sustainability of reading; or as others say “in order to overcome the lack of cultural content in the media that divert children and young people to other non-desired education prototypes.

Wishing long life to this project, ASRAD and its partners are applauded by what they say “the good intention and provided it stays for long”!

It is with full of peace, strength and joy that the meeting ended on behalf of parents for Worksop STREET LIBRARIES Douala.


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