Mobile and Web Aplication

The development of the application is going at a steady rate. The Video and Photo recorder are being developed and should be available to use shortly.

App-Mockup-1The recorder module is a very important part of the ACP StreetLibraries application.

This is the module of the application that will allow all of the amazing storytellers to record their wonderful stories and interact with the children. It will also be able to take photos and videos of great cultural events






The eLibrary, where all the content is to be made available is also in a late stage of development. It all points to a finalization of this module in the coming weeks.

This is the module that will distribute the content that was record with the recorder module and upload via the web. It will allow all the children and users to have an access to all the content available for the ACP Street Libraries.


The content collection part of the application and of the web, should be made available for the local partners in the coming weeks.

The web application will also allow storytellers to upload older content that they have at hand via a web browser. This will allow a faster upload and an easier way to upload more content in a single way.

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