First visit and agreement for establishment of a Club Street Libraries in Douala.

On this Monday as promised, secondary schools in Douala are on the focus of ASRAD Walk – ACP-SL, to the promotion and enhancement of reading. As of October 26 morning, the Principal “Corom” (Roger Mfupa College) “Mr Joseph YIMGA Tchatchoua” didn’t hide his emotions and joy to receive ACP STREET LIBRARIES program in his establishment, with thousands of students; and houses two (2) MP (Monitors Promoters) that forthwith we obtained an Agreement Establishment and exercise with the encouragement and the very personal involvement of the principal.

Receiving the President of the General Council the confirmation “deliver the message of reading books by all and for all”; The “Corom” Principal took his time during the passage of our 2 monitors ” to physically confirm their actual presence in his establishment” and their example of what can be read, values, books and reading.

He had a photocopied book, and told our 2 young entrepreneurs: do you see here? “A RICH FATHER; rich is not about the material thing… but reading.

Mr. Joseph accepted the personal challenge and structural adherence, and ask for a “photo” on behalf of readers, to invite other heads of institutions to go in the direction he has chosen “to read, call the children and encourage them to read and especially focusing on the adaptation of books on digital media (E-books, Audio-Books). ”

Before leaving “Corom” today at 12:30 accompanied by Mr MOHAMADOU Barkindo (Secretary for Multilateral Affairs), the statement calling on students to answer the call of the new “CLUB ACP STREET LIBRARIES – Corom” was already visible on the building well confirmed “by the stamp and signature of the Principal.

Miss SALMA SOULEYMANE and Mr. BEN HAMZA MAMOUDOU (our developers monitors ACP-SL) already took their sticks “reading for all” in this laudable initiative that ACP Fraunhofer Portugal door with his slogan “NO FUTURE WITHOUT CULTURE”.

Peace – Force – Joie to all.

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