Cultural evening closing activities 2015

December the 30, 2015 in Yaoundé / Nkomkana took place the session of closure 2015 activities of ASRAD, that began at 19.00 am, continuing until 02,00h 31 December, with the participation of about 400 people: members and friends and colaborators of ACPSL / ASRAD Cameroon; members and friends of the Association The Breeze; artists; spectators; and of course curious people.

The main purpose was to celebrate all the activity during the entire year 2015 by presenting young people artistic and cultural talents, while promoting local culture and a clear focus on preparing the public interest to the project ASRAD / ACPSL; it was an open and free concert and in a near future it will include the Books / eBooks.

The program included the following:

  • Folk and Hip Hop Dances;
  • Fashion show ;
  • Documentary film projection on ACPSL;
  • Documentary Film projection on culture: “Toledo and Alexandria Lighthouse of humanity”;
  • Sketches;
  • And presentation of the websites and

The future is already in preparation at ASRAD / ACP Street Libraries tightening the cooperation with the Association of Breeze and other cultural organizations.

And the preparation for the next event, has already started, and will be held on June 5, 2016.

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