ACP Street Libraries – 2nd MEETING BETWEEN GMP and CG

Sunday evening after the meeting with parents and Njombe teams, the scheduled weekly meeting between GMP (Promoters Monitors Group) to present Street Libraries to schools Douala, took place for a scond time, deepen the implementation of strategies of reading sessions, and access of curious and needy persons to E-books and Audio Books.


With the presence of the MP (Monitrice promoter) Miss SALMA SOULEYMANE took place the first working session face to face, between the controller ACP-STREET LIBRARIES program, to the General Council of ASRAD, Mr IBRAHIMA YAYA, (The Secretary General of the General Council), has really galvanized the team of GMP and helped to establish the first and concrete work plan to be as follows:


  1. Training of MP of the whole group, to the concept of Information and Communication Technologies (and network) that will begin next Sunday (25/10/2015), 1 hour a week.
  2. Train the GMP to “animated reading sessions” (read, questions, exchange, responses, etc.)
  3. Update by GMP reading sessions proposal and weekly monitoring canvas in institutions.
  4. Training group member in drafting weekly reports, that is already going on for two weeks.
  5. Designation of 3 monitors responsible by school, for the 15 already listed on the municipality.
  6. Propose consistent schedules for each institution in order to benefit as many children and participants.


A recommendation was given, respecting labor chart, to facilitate the flow of information and coordination of all the work, for a more efficient outcome and results as prompt and verifiable.


The pictures help to to have an idea of the atmosphere of the day, between the controller ACP – SL program and GMP, and we let you guess the rest, wishing all lots of peace, strength and joy knowing that we believe that we believe ” there will be NO Future without culture “!!!

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