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ACP-EU Support Programme to ACP Cultural Sectors
With the Financial contribution of the European Union (European
Development Fund) and the assistance of the ACP Group of States.


The African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) holds precious and distinctive cultural traditions and heritage. However, in countries such as Ghana, Liberia and Cameroon artists and cultural entrepreneurs face limited means when it comes to distribute cultural products and services.

The ACP Street Libraries project aims to support the development of culture in ACP countries by promoting and creating new Street Libraries in Liberia and Cameroon and updating the existing ones in Ghana. One of the main focus is on getting the ancient and rich African literature and culture to become accessible to a large number of people in Africa, focusing on children and young people in order for them to have equal access to literacy, educational and cultural resources.

The new apps developed for this project will allow the contribution and promotion of discussions and cooperation between local artists, story tellers, professionals and entrepreneurs of the cultural sector in the ACP States by creating an online forum and blogs for local artists. It will also facilitate the access to the Street Libraries’ book catalog.

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General objectives:

The ACP Street Libraries project aims to support the development of culture in ACP countries by digitalizing cultural artifacts, promoting cultural discussion, creating new Street Libraries in Liberia and Cameroon, and updating the existing ones in Ghana. The project’s main beneficiaries consist of children, young people, cultural entrepreneurs and professional, cultural institutions, artists, schools, libraries and local and national policy makers

Specific objectives:

  • Create and modernize Street Libraries
  • Produce cultural services and goods
  • Develop capacity building in the cultural sector
  • Increase access to local, regional, and international cultural markets
  • Secure and promote digitally local culture and collective memory in ACP countries
  • Empower dialogue and cooperation between artists, professionals, entrepreneurs, and other cultural stakeholders.
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Main activities:

  • Promote the creation of Street Libraries
  • Implement technological solutions, based on Mobile apps and Web 2.0 technologies, to modernize Street Libraries
  • Engagement of cultural entrepreneurs on the development of existing databases of ACP countries local cultures
  • Disseminate and promote the cooperation and discussion of cultural issues with ACP countries cultural stakeholders

Estimated results:

  • New Street Libraries in Ghana, Liberia, Cameroon and Mozambique
  • New digital objects securing oral-transmitted tales and stories, artwork, songs, performing arts, etc.
  • Web platform to support centralized content management
  • Windows Phone Application to:
    • Access existing databases with cultural artefacts from ACP local communities and artists
    • Interact with cultural blogs, forum and events
    • Manage physical Street Libraries